Delimbing all the way!

Log Max 9000B is a large head for the really heavy timber with dual bottomknives for delimbing all the way. Log Max 9000B is specially designed for tracked carriers.

Variable displacement feed roller motors provide fast speed in smaller wood and automatically regulate to provide more power in tougher limbed trees. Well placed guards and heavy covers protect internal components and hoses from damage.

High performance saw hydraulics provide full flow to the bottom saw for fast cutting in all timber sizes.

The Log Max patended knife control system increases productivity by minimizing feed friction. Unique compound curve delimbing knife profile provides outstanding stem coverage and increased log quality

Technical specifications

HD configuration *

1657 kg
* Incl. rotator and Steel feed rollers

Max cut capacity, std/opt

65/72 cm

Calc. feed force
Calc. feed speed
42,1 kN
0–5,2 m/s

Optional equipment
Color Marking
Eucalyptus Equipment
Field repair kit
Find end sensor
Processor Knives
Snow Cover
Two-way damper link
Automatic Chain Tensioner

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